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There was no room to dine in even if someone wanted to.

Author, playwright and screenwriter Isaac Ho has written a pulp thriller based on a series of murders of Chinese delivery men that took place in New York City in But once the arrests were made the story ended, the press stopped covering it. The story is told in both English and Chinese, highlighting the isolation the language barrier creates for the main characters. Told from the perspective of the family of the murdered man, the main actors in the story are poor working-class or illegal immigrant business-owners, for whom the crime itself is only the beginning of their troubles in a world made of trouble.

Detective Jackson knew he had to let the other shoe drop.

Chinese Delivery Man

We have all the proof we need. However, the District Attorney may plead them out rather than go to the trouble of a jury trial. Detective Jackson tried to sum up the U.

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Lau composed himself and tried to put his thoughts into something the American detective could understand. Not simple. In China, when a person kills someone, they are put to death.

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I grew up watching TV with all these stereotypes—characters and storylines. This perspective imposed limitations that were challenging to me as a writer.

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  • In writing the story, I had to break my own stereotypes. Li, a father of two kids aged 15 and 11, revealed that he was aware that he has been the target of one of the three teens as he has bothered him a couple of time before.

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    It breaks on the sidewalk in front of me and I jump back. Then we ran home. Li said he was unable to notify the authorities about the previous incidents because of his very limited English. A surveillance video obtained by the police showed Li being attacked by the still unidentified suspects. The footage shows three attackers ambush Li by first distracting him and then knocking him out with a punch.

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    After he tried to get back up, he was shoved back to the ground and was beaten again. Although Li was badly beaten, he chose to go to Bronx Lebanon Hospital the following day instead of immediately seeking medical attention. NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle.

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