Erziehungstheorie und Pragmatismus nach John Dewey (German Edition)

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Glasgow: Maclehose Dangler, Edward: From Quincy to Chicago. The American Comenius. Fraley, Angela E. The Rhetoric and the Reality.

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New York: Tyler, Gibson Ein Jahr zuvor hatte Byron A. That is the way, he [the director of the school] says, to learn every thing; by being pushed in, as the little birds are pushed out of their nests to learn to fly. You can't learn to swim without going into the water.

Dewey and European Education

New York: Putnam Pen Photographs from the Quincy Schools. Swift ein umfassendes theoretisch-praktisches Werk. Lockwood Editorial, Ohio Educational Monthly 34 , S. Swift, Edgar J. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Dort meldeten sich auch die ersten, gewichtigen, Kritiker zu Wort.

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Amory D. Payne, William H. New York: Harper We may acquire a mechanical facility by repeating doings of what we already know how to do, but we learn to do by learning how other people do, and by the aid of this knowledge striving to do something better. The mere continuous doing of what we can do dulls the intellect, deadens the inventive powers, and stifles progress. If it were true, there were no need of principal or normal school or any school.

Froebel and Pestalozzi, Mann and Hopkins might be put aside, and our children be left to learn to do by doing, not by instruction, not by skillful training, not by study and reading the wisdom and historic records of the past. No, my friends, by the mere doing the generations of men would not attain to the school crayon or the ham sandwich in a thousand years. Whatever a man has to do, be it speaking, swimming, playing, or fighting, he can learn only by doing it; this was a universally accepted maxim. The modern habit of trying to teach languages and virtues by rules, not preceded by extensive practice, would have seemed to the ancients as absurd as the notion that a man could learn to swim before going into the water.

Practice first ; theory afterwards: do the deed, and ye shall know of the doctrine — so said ancient Wisdom, to which the notion that children should not be called upon to perform any act, or submit to any restriction, without having the grounds thereof explained to them, would have seemed the complete inversion of all scientific method.

It was by insisting upon a certain practice in children, on the ground of simple authority, that the ancients sought to inculcate the virtues of reverence for experience and worth, and respect for law. New York: Scribners The Solution of Social and Industrial Problems. In: Woodward, Calvin M. Boston: Heath William N. Not by walking and standing, sitting and crawling, do we learn to keep from falling; the survey of our surroundings, too, is needed. Froebel, Friedrich: The Education of Man. Parker und Lelia E.

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Froebel, it is true, would have skill in action imparted by practice; but he never makes skill as such an object of educational activity, deeming it of value only when it serves insight, which can come only from seeing. He would, indeed, have doing, but always as the expression of thought and feeling, which, again, are based on previous seeing.

The corresponding science grows in the measure in which we learn to see it as a living, rationally constituted whole. James L. Schaeffer, Nathan C. Philadelphia: Lippincott S. New York Times, Scott, Charles B. Davis, Emma C. Albany: State Department of Public Instruction Cockerell, T.

7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer in: The Existential Philosophy of Etty Hillesum

Frissel, H. Kern, O. Whitburn, John: Report. London: Co-operative Printing Society The principle becomes false when it loses sight of the ideal factor, the element of knowledge required for doing; and when it implies that the doing be merely habitual or mechanical. It, therefore, requires a supplement: Learn to do by knowing. We might combine the maxims, and say: Learn to know by doing, and to do by knowing.

Toronto: Copp, Clark Daher erscheint das Werk auch nicht in den Gesammelten Werken. Doch das ist nicht korrekt, wie Briefe Deweys bezeugen und Jane Dewey in der autorisierten Biographie ihres Vaters von bereits festgestellt hat. Boston: Educational Publishing Company Pages Democracy and Education: About the Future of a Problem. Context and Interaction. Dewey in Britain. John Dewey in France.

German Readers of Dewey — Before and After Education, not Democracy? The Apolitical Dewey. Also in Zur Verfassung Europas Lecture on "The Resurgence of Religion. Also in F. Online: www. Also Politiken , June 21, Frankfurter Hefte , March , pp. Lecture on "The Post-Secular Society. What Does it Mean? Lecture on "Revitalisierung der Weltreligionen. Lecture on Post-secular Society, Rome, September 13, Statement Protesting the Detention of Dr.

General Problems and Case Studies

Also in Habermas - Ach Europa Also "How to save the quality press? Parts of the text are reprinted in Habermas - Philosophische Texte vol. Also in Habermas - Philosophische Texte vol. Polity Press, Reprinted in Jostein Gripsrup et. Geburtstag", Kritische Justiz vol. Also in Habermas — Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion Seminar on "Political Liberalism, models of democracy, and visions of a new world order".

And seminar on "Naturalism". Langthaler and H. Nagl-Docekal Eds. Schmidt, Lotz University, Poland, April 19, Also in Habermas - Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion Kleine politische Schriften X Suhrkamp Verlag, Philosophische Grenzfragen der Neurobiologie Akademie Verlag, Habermas received the Kyoto Prize , Kyoto, November 12, Does It Still Have a Chance? Chancen und Grenzen Campus Verlag, , pp. Also in Habermas - Ach Europa pp.

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Also in Rue Descartes no. Seminar on "International Foundations of International Law". Essays for Richard J. Bernstein MIT Press, , pp. Sullivan Eds. French: "Pluralisme et morale", Esprit July Also in Habermas - Der gespaltene Westen Also in Amy L. Buzby ed.

Dewey Lernende Orientierung

Lecture at Oviedo University, Spain, October 23, Der Philosoph Theodor W. English: "Dual Layered Time", Logos vol. Reflexion und Verantwortung. Also in Daniel Levy et. Also in: Giovanna Borradori ed. Danish: "Vor fornyelse", Kritik nr. Zagury-Orly eds. Lecture on Theodor W. Adorno in Menaggio, Italy, April , Tel Aviv University, Israel, January 15, Seminar on "Multiculturalism and Its Constitutional Limits".

And on "Philosophy and Religion in Germany". Europa ", Luzern University, Switzerland, March 15, Antworten auf Fragen zum Also in Giovanna Borradori ed. Also in Habermas — The Divided Left Auf dem Weg zu einer liberalen Eugenik? Suhrkamp Verlag, Part 1 is published in William Rehg and James Bohman eds.