Taking Satans Kingdom by Force (Deliverance Ministry Book 2)

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Certainly he can tempt and he can deceive, but he has no authority over us that we do not give him.

Engaging With Demons in the 2nd Heaven

The power to resist Satan may be stronger than we realize. The devil has no power over us only as we permit him. The moment we revolt at anything which comes from God, the devil takes power. But there is always hope. Most sins, no matter how grievous, may be repented of if the desire is sincere enough. Satan has had great success with this gullible generation. As a consequence, he and his angels have victimized literally hosts of people. There is, however, an ample shield against the power of Lucifer and his hosts.

This protection lies in the spirit of discernment through the gift of the Holy Ghost. This gift comes undeviatingly by personal revelation to those who strive to obey the commandments of the Lord and to follow the counsel of the living prophets. There are forces that will save us from the ever-increasing lying, disorder, violence, chaos, destruction, misery, and deceit that are upon the earth. Those saving forces are the everlasting principles, covenants, and ordinances of the eternal gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. These same principles, covenants, and ordinances are coupled with the rights and powers of the priesthood of Almighty God.

We of this Church are the possessors and custodians of these commanding powers that can and do roll back much of the power of Satan on the earth. We believe that we hold these mighty forces in trust for all who have died, for all who are now living, and for the yet unborn. My prayer is that through the spreading of righteousness, the evil hands of the destroyer can be stayed so that he will not be permitted to curse the whole world.

I pray that God will overlook our weaknesses, our frailties, and our many shortcomings and generously forgive us of our misdeeds. May He bring solace to the suffering, comfort to those who grieve, and peace to the brokenhearted. After prayerfully studying this message, share it using a method that encourages the participation of those you teach.

Following are some examples:. Ask family members to imagine they are sitting around a fire.

Engaging With Demons in the 2nd Heaven

Talk about the dangers of playing with fire. Challenge the family to be righteous examples in thwarting his plans. Bring a small toy car, a picture of a car, or have the family look at a car nearby. What would happen if someone were driving and the brakes failed? Testify of the importance of strengthening our sensitivity to the Holy Ghost and heeding the still, small voice to combat the devil.

Testify that righteous living can thwart Satan. Harrison Conroy Co. Photograph by Drake Busath. Show Hide. As he continued to learn from this experience, he found that at that very intersection there had been a history of violence. Union and nonunion workers had clashed on several occasions.

There also had been murder committed in other situations. He learned that particular demons had gained rights because of what happened in the past. Both John Paul Jackson and deliverance minister Don Dickerman, as well as many others, are warning us to stay completely away from this kind of spiritual warfare. However, in fairness to the opposing point of view, there are others who believe that God will at times anoint and commission certain intercessory prayer teams to take on these kinds of special prayer assignments for Him.

In this book, Rebecca says the reason some people come under major demonic attack when trying to do this kind of work for the Lord is either because they were never authorized and commissioned by Him to do this kind of work in the first place, or they were not staying within His timing as to when they should be doing it. Rebecca says these kinds of special prayer assignments have to be God-given. You cannot take on these kinds of assignments with your own initiative. She also goes through the basic steps you will need to take to be able to do this kind of higher-level, spiritual warfare properly.

She says you need to be part of a strong, anointed, intercessory prayer team. This is not the type of work for lone rangers. You also need to be under the covering of your church and pastor, along with not having any major sin in your life such as adultery and pornography, as these kinds of sins will create a major opening in your protective hedge with the Lord and thus give these kinds of demons a direct shot to be able to come directly after you.

Wagner goes in depth on this topic, along with discussing some of the major mistakes they have made along the way as they were learning how to do this type of warfare properly. He also discusses some of the documented cases of where this kind of specialized warfare has really worked, especially in Argentina and some of the other countries down in South America.

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To any of you who feel you are being called by God to do this kind of special work for Him, we would highly recommend both of these books, as they both give you very good, basic, common sense steps you will need to take with the Lord so you do not step outside the bounds of your spiritual authority with Him and get yourself into major trouble. After studying both points of view on this topic, it is our own personal opinion that you stay completely away from this kind of spiritual warfare unless God Himself is calling you and training you to enter into this kind of an arena from time to time.

The best analogy I can give you on this is our U. In our military, we have special types of forces like the Green Berets and the Navy Seals. These types of soldiers are specially trained to do special kinds of natural warfare. In the same way, this kind of spiritual warfare is like special forces type warfare and not everyone will be called by God to do it. So unless God is specifically calling you to do this kind of higher level spiritual warfare for Him, it would be our recommendation to stay completely away from it. There are enough earthbound demons for us to engage with and cast out.

And until Jesus comes back to our earth to throw Satan and his demons into the bottomless pit for a thousand years, we are all going to be stuck with Satan and some of his demons being allowed to roam our air and set up stronghold bases in certain geographical areas throughout the world. Again, three very good books on this subject giving you both sides of this argument are the following:. Peter Wagner.

If you are interested in this area of spiritual warfare, or you feel like God may be calling you to do something like this for Him from time to time, it would be our very strong recommendation that you read both of these books so you can see exactly what you will be dealing with and entering into.

Read below or add a comment Very interesting article. However, I strongly believe that we have authority over all the power of the enemy Luke Saying that certain areas are no go areas for a Christian would be against this scripture. Perhaps, we should rather advise to be well prepared when we engage in spiritual warfare Armour of God, Eph I do appreciate personal experiences and testimonies but there should be backed up and in line with the word of God.

Are there any scriptures backing up that we should not go into certain areas. Perhaps, if you are referring to fallen angels, I suppose these are left under the authority of other angels to carry the fight because I am not aware of any instructions of the LORD on that. For example in Jude 9, Michael could not hand down judgment against the devil, he simply pass the battle to God Himself saying may God rebuke you.

So it was not in his authority to handle judgment on Lucifer. I strongly believe that God has given us power over all evil powers. Paul says our weapons are not carnal but powerful to pulling down….. He also say we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers rulers principalities…. Also when the disciples of Jesus went to preach and testified that demons responded to their commands, Jesus said I saw the devil fall like lightening this means the success of the disciples was attributed to the devil or evil falling from the heavens.

The power and authority God gives us is not limited to any realm of warfare but its at all battle fronts.. In the heavens, on the earth, under the earth and in the waters.. We are more than conquerors. I was thinking this same thing throughout the article. I know the enemy would love for us to fear him. This is what I find wrong with the whole idea of not attempting to do warfare in certain places. I agree there should be an unction from the Lord as there should be in anything we do for Him.

But, to fear any part of the enemies camp is not from our Father. Satan is a defeated foe. I like to think of him that way. No fear in Christ when you are walking in the Spirit of God. Good work and contributions from all. I think we will have to be lead in spiritual warfare. The Book of Enoch tells us that demons are the disembodied spirits of the nephilim who were cursed to roam the earth.

Yeshua gave us the power to cast out demonsin His name. Great article. Stand clear of the 2nd heavens unless you are commissioned by God and follow His exact instructions in how to engage devils in the 2nd heaven.

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  • God has given us authority on earth, not in the 2nd heaven. Unless He specifically calls us to engage there in His name and with His help. Why all these big companies are enamored with Mars etc. The matter is not for us to be concerned about the demons in the high ranks etc Do we not know that we shall judge fallen Angels meaning we dont have time wasting our time on what we shall judge in the end.

    I myself long to know Jesus and Him alone and concious of Him …. Teachings on demonology are good but if they dont leave Christ uplifted they will oppose the Will of God in Christ which saith We were given the Spirit of love,power,soundmind…. The One who walk in the midst of the Seven Golden lampstands is alive forever and ever.


    The lord has given us power and authority over the enemy. When a group of us demons found out that Jesus had defeated Satan, we left hell and pledged our love to God. Working for the devil is hell, but love is all some of us so called demons wanted. We found that in Jesus.

    Currently the spirit of God has been drawing me into prayer and prayer…. I have been so angry at the Devil with all his lies he has manipulated my life with and I have been binding him here and there! Romans Where can I find these 3 books named above.? I surely need them…I am in Uganda.

    Please understand that the Kingdom of God is beyond any other kingdom, their is no other kingdom above the Kingdom of God and thus the order of authority is that any other kingdom below the other kingdom has to submit to the kingdom above. I am one of those called to battle on high levels. I agree with the cautions stated. DO NOT enter into this level unless called. This level requires a life change. Your words, ones you speak all the time, must be guarded.

    You would have gone through a process of prayer, fasting, repentance, deliverance and correction. And you know beyond a shadow of a doubr Jesus and His army stands with you. I have seen this twice so far. It also requires an hear to hear orders and changes in orders quickly. The enemies of God have watched us for years, they know more about us than we do. But God knows them better and if we follow Him, we will always be victorious. I love this website, so much info given in a clear easy to understand words with scripture. I will be using it to teach others. Addition to above.

    I like to learn and have to learn a lot. But usually I first try to identify the ruling spirits over a continent. Then I do bind them and sometimes imprison them, let by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I send them away to the place they came from. Most of the time the high ranking powers stay in the same region but sometimes they go somewhere else. Then I let them return to where they came from. When a ruling power has been bound I set free the opposit spirit from God so this spirit has much more freedom over the continent.

    I always speak directly to the powers of darkness and have never been hurt. Then these smaller demons have less power when there boss has been bound.