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Meaning "real existence, all that is real" is from s; that of "the real state of something " is from s. Sometimes 17c. Reality television from Whose nuclear launch button is bigger?

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There has been a serious kerfuffle in the news about buttons and their relative size. Specifically, nuclear launch buttons. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, flatly stated that a nuclear button is on his desk at all times. RELATED WORDS phenomenon , matter , truth , existence , sensibility , realism , presence , being , materiality , entity , authenticity , deed , perceptibility , verisimilitude , tangibility , palpability , actuality , solidity , object , validity.

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Nearby words realise , realism , realist , realistic , realistically , reality , reality awareness , reality check , reality fiction , reality principle , reality show. Idioms in reality , in fact or truth; actually: brave in appearance, but in reality a coward. See real 1 , -ity. Examples from the Web for reality But if Democrats are faced with the reality of a glut of qualified candidates, Republicans are assembling more of a fantasy team.

The Eternal City Hall Caine.

Anarchism and Socialism George Plechanoff. On War Carl von Clausewitz. Thanos transmutes Star-Lord 's blaster into bubbles. Another powerful capability that Thanos gains from the Reality Stone's control over reality is the power to warp and transmute matter into anything he wished. While often doing this to turn and use objects in his surroundings offensively, Thanos displays that the Reality Stone's transmuting powers can even affect living organisms.

With a single blast from the Stone, Thanos easily incapacitated Guardians Drax and Mantis by temporarily warping their physical bodies, splitting Drax's body into pieces and turning Mantis into still-conscious strips of flesh, in both cases being non-lethal for the recipients, after which they eventually restored themselves to normal after Thanos left the area.

Thanos was able to also use this ability discreetly and silently, as when Star-Lord reluctantly attempted to execute his teammate and lover, Gamora, to prevent her capture by Thanos, the Titan silently transmuted his Quad Blasters to harmlessly fire bubbles, before transforming the weapon itself into bubbles, and would later do the same to Gamora's dagger on Vormir to prevent her from committing suicide.

During the Battle of Titan and Battle of Wakanda , Thanos used the Reality Stone's powers very effectively in combat, transmuting a field of ship wreckage into a swarm of bats to attack Iron Man , and manipulating the ground to spawn a cage of stone pillars to trap Black Widow. Thanos also displays that the Reality Stone can be used in conjunction with the other Stones to expand it's effects.

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Combined with the Space Stone , Thanos can manipulate the terrain at such a scale as to pull a flying Doctor Strange into his hand, by pulling the surface of Titan itself towards him. In conjunction with the Soul and Time Stones , Thanos could also heal fatal injuries he had sustained discounting those caused by the Stones themselves , managing to fully heal the near-fatal wound caused by Stormbreaker as he teleported away with the Space Stone.

After the Infinity Gauntlet was completed and the Reality Stone's power reached its full potential, alongside the other Stones, it allowed Thanos to wipe out half of all sentient life in the universe with a simple snap of his fingers. However, using all six Stones in this manner at such a weakened state caused the Stones' combined power to nearly overwhelm him, and the Gauntlet and his left arm were left scorched by the release of energy.

The Aether converts matter to dark matter, and seeks out host bodies in order to draw strength from their life force, i. As used by Malekith , the only one who fully understood its capabilities, it was capable of creating tendrils of itself or spikes to strike out at opponents, regenerate lost limbs, and create a tornado of energy.

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Malekith gains black eyes from the Aether. Whilst bonded to a strong host like Malekith, the Aether greatly enhanced his physical strength and durability, thereby allowing him to fight Thor on a reasonably even basis. On its own, the Aether is capable of sending out shockwaves filled with its energy and pulses of power that can throw back any who it deems a threat to itself. These blasts have been enough to easily stun beings as physically powerful as Asgardians.

The Dark Elves and Malekith appeared to have a connection to in that it awoke them from hibernation when the Aether was used again and Malekith could sense the Aether's location. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? First, it's not a stone, someone called it a stone before.

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It's more of a Contents [ show ]. The Big Bang sent six elemental crystals, hurtling across the virgin universe. These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence. Millennia ago the most ruthless of their kind, Malekith , sought to transform our universe back into one of eternal night. Such evil was possible through the power of the Aether, an ancient force of infinite destruction. My grandfather , many years ago, had to hide the stone from the Dark Elves.

Scary beings. So Jane Oh, there she is. That's Jane. Giving it to me will spare you a great deal of suffering. You're gonna charm her and I'm gonna poke her with this thing and extract the Reality Stone and get gone lickety-split. That is, it was. Now, reality can be whatever I want. It changes matter into dark matter. It seeks out host bodies, drawing strength from their life-force.